07 Oct 2022

Manel Torres presents Spray-on fabric technology at Paris Fashion Week

In recent days, Manel Torres, founder of Fabrican, has captured the attention of the international media following his appearance at Paris Fashion Week, creating a suit with instant spray on the body of the model Bella Hadid.

Manel Torres is the inventor of spray-on fabric technology, the same one that covered the body of model Bella Hadid with spray on the day of the fashion show, which dried in a few minutes and became an elegant white suit with a neckline and opening in the skirt to the surprise of the public attending the fashion show.


Source: Coperni – coperni.fr / Vídeo: Alexandre Silberstein – 8__represent


A few months ago, Manel Torres visited us as a speaker from the Girbau LAB Innovators Club and explained in detail what spray-on fabric technology consisted of and its applications in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, automotive, interior design, medical industry, and environmental protection.

During the session Manel Torres explained to us that: “From a liquid that consists of a support, fibers and binders, we can instantly create a non-textile material or a film on any surface, including water.” As Dr. Torres added: “The magic of this technology is that these liquid tissues can basically be recycled. We start with the raw materials, we spray these raw materials, and we create, in this case, garments. These garments have been sold, worn, and then we can re-dissolve and re-spray them.”

A really interesting session that you can read below in interview format.