As part of Girbau Group, Girbau LAB's main objective is to bring added value to the laundry industry based on Innovation.

We want to increase synergies and take advantage of new opportunities in our environment - the brightest minds and the mobility of workers, a growing venture capital industry and new startups, as well as much more opportunities to develop external ideas or systems in order to share and take advantage of internal capacities.


Generating innovative solutions to the laundry industry.

Girbau LAB offers the possibility of converting new knowledge or technologies into real market opportunities. Based on Girbau's industry capacity, as well as laundry market penetration all over the world, Girbau LAB is a very interesting platform for research into the most advanced fields of knowledge that impact the laundry industry, as well as for the demonstration or scaling of technologies and solutions to the market. Girbau LAB works in a completely open and international context, looking for solutions from the most advanced innovation environments to apply them throughout more than 100 different countries in the world where Girbau is currently operating. Exploratory research agreements and investments in new startups are foreseen depending on the interest of the project and its impact on Girbau's business.

Girbau LAB Team

Mercè Girbau

Chairwoman & CEO

Pere Girbau


Serge Joris


Xavier Marcet

Lead To Change President

Girbau Group

60 years leading the laundry industry.

After 60 years of history, Girbau has cemented its position as one of the leading groups in the world, offering solutions for the laundry industry, based on its own products and a global market:

  • Manufacturing capabilities with factories in Spain, France and China
  • More than 75 references
  • Full team of engineers and experts for project development
  • More than 100 commercial agents all over the world
  • More than 125,000 machines currently installed
  • More than 25,000 tons of linen cleaned, dried and ironed every day

Girbau LAB is going one step forward towards disruptive innovation, looking for advanced knowledge, new technologies, new materials and new business models to offer a future impact on the laundry industry and bigger opportunities for Girbau's business.

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