31 Oct 2022

The 080 Reborn fashion show is committed to textile reuse

The message is simple: we need to encourage a change in culture about how we consume resources. And this has been, from the beginning, the goal of 080 Reborn, the first fashion show created with 100% recovered clothing.

In Girbau LAB we were clear that we needed to make this initiative possible in favor of  textil reuse. Because promoting a paradigm shift in how we consume resources involves the reuse and treatment of textiles, to extend their life and usefulness.

And so it was. Together with the Waste Agency of Catalonia and Catalonian trade and fashion consortium CCAM (Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de Catalunya), we launched it.

The 080 Reborn took place last Friday, as part of 080 Fashion Barcelona. More than 400 people enjoyed Fermin+Gilles’ innovative proposal made with garments completely recovered from textile waste classification plants and second-hand shops.


Photos by © Gisela Jané


The designers recovered clothes from stores such as Fundació Formació i Treball, Solidança, Humana, Las Pepitas, Love Vintage, among others. The designs with bodices, hoodies, blazers with pronounced shoulders and other accessories that Fermin+Gilles knew how to combine with extraordinary delicacy were surprising.

The audience was impressed. The quality of the proposal, the designs, the diversity and the staging. Because reusing clothes is an exercise in responsibility and commitment to the planet that is not contrary, at all, to design, fashion and creativity.