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Get to know the current Girbau LAB projects


FIX Project

FIX project was born with the purpose of collecting and treating the microplastics released during the washing process in industrial washing machines and thus reduce their impact on the environment.

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HeiQ Viroblock

HeiQ and Girbau incorporate HeiQ Viroblock NPJ03 in the laundering process, which will allow adding antiviral and antimicrobial effects to clothes and textiles.

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cLINT is a project born from the collaboration between Girbau and Elisava, based on circular and sustainable laundry to transform waste into a new material.

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iDrivers is the Girbau LAB program that promotes intrapreneurship at Girbau. The program has allowed organization members to respond to a business challenge by transforming ideas into potential business projects.

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Circular Laundry

Circular Laundry is a used-clothes buying and selling network created with the aim of extending the life of clothing items and transforming the current use of laundromats. The idea comes from the intrapreneurship project from Girbau LAB, the iDriver’s program.

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Global Lint

The goal of Global Lint is to use the lint created during the washing process as a material to replace plastics. Lint can be used as an oil absorbent. The idea comes from the intrapreneurship Girbau LAB project, the iDriver's program.

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The Orain platform, with the Girbau LAB support, allows to combine digital solutions — IoT, Artificial Intelligence... — to facilitate communication between the user and the machine, including the mobile payment of the laundry service.

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