01 Feb 2022

Launch of an innovation platform in an industrial company 3/3

Creation of an Innovation Ecosystem

We build our own innovation ecosystem in which the different stakeholders actively participate and contribute value.

We work with generators of new knowledge and technologies, such as research centers and universities, technological centers that develop technologies applied to the industrial world, accelerators and incubators of technology-based companies, start-ups that base their business model on disruptive technologies or innovations, business schools, business angels, venture capital firms, public administrations that work around innovation, business associations, and clusters related to innovation and technology; specialized legal services and other companies that are in similar innovation processes.

For our part, we contribute our experience, industrialization and commercialization capacity, weaving relationships of trust with our environment and overcoming traditional innovation where a client-supplier relationship was established in very specific areas.

The value of the ecosystem that we build at Girbau LAB materializes in different ways:

• New knowledge and scientific and technological applications that may have a disruptive impact on Girbau’s business and its solutions for customers and end users.
• New business models with the potential to transform Girbau’s current business and the industrial laundry.
• Contribute talent to the organization in the field of innovation that presents a differential value.

In this sense, Girbau LAB, based on the relationship established with each partner and its nature, has developed a scaling or typology of projects that can be summarize as follows:

● Pilot Project or Joint Proof of Concept. When you want to test the solution provided by the external actor to adapt it to your needs and market. This type of Project implies a development agreement for the performance of a specific test.

● Commercial agreement. It is carried out when Girbau wishes to market the solution provided by the external player in the industrial laundry market. This type of agreement is usually made after the positive result of the pilot test.

● Co-development project, when Girbau needs to make a development with an external actor in order to offer an innovative solution to its market. In this case, the two actors make a joint investment and sign an agreement for the subsequent exploitation of the joint solution.

● Corporate investment, when Girbau has a strong interest in a start-up to make it part of its own strategy and thus, add more value to the industrial laundry market or to a new market through said start-up.

Launch of an innovation platform in an industrial company


Girbau LAB was born in a local environment, but its activity has a global impact and dimension. In this sense, Girbau LAB identifies the most advanced and innovative environments at an international level to collect any initiative, idea, solution or technology of interest that can generate business for Girbau. At the same time, the result of any Girbau LAB project is applied to the entire business of the corporation, which currently operates in 100 markets worldwide.

Since the beginning of Girbau LAB’s activities, projects have been carried out with entities in the immediate innovative ecosystem in Barcelona, as well as projects and alliances with partners from countries such as the USA, UK and Switzerland.