10 Dec 2019

Circularity is the future of textiles and fashion

The director of Girbau LAB, Mariona Sanz, talked about circularity in the round table of Re-Barcelona, international forum of sustainability and ethics in the fashion and textile sector. Girbau Group is a sponsor of the event.

Cleaning clothes contributes to a circular model in fashion and textile. Wearing clothing is lengthened. Girbau has long been committed to sustainability, one of Girbau LAB’s challenge for disruptive solutions. This was one of the issues put forward by the director of Girbau LAB, Mariona Sanz, in Re-Barcelona, the international forum of sustainability in fashion and textiles held on 29 and 30 November, with the sponsorship of Girbau Group.

Mariona Sanz pointed out that Girbau’s commitment to sustainability is based on maximum resource efficiency and environmental respect. Thus, Girbau products are designed to reduce the use of water and energy resources. But we take it a step further: we bet on the reduction of chemistry in the washing to replace it with natural elements, and to properly filter the microplastics that the clothes release during washing.

During the Re-Barcelona, in addition to the round table with Girbau LAB, Girbau offered an open masterclass on ‘wet cleaning’. This is the sustainable washing system with water, which replaces dry cleaning as a green alternative for laundromats.

Circularity for product and process

Sustainability and circularity in the industrial laundry sector also goes through the process. It is necessary to reuse clothing instead of other linear models, and work on substitute materials in single-use clothing.

Some of the Girbau projects in which Girbau LAB is present is to reuse the liquid and solid resources generated in the laundry process, both with the washing machines and with the dryers. It also explores new circular business models, such as renting quality clothing.

The director of Girbau LAB shared the roundtable, moderated by Modaes, with leaders from HP, Common Objective and Retalent. The Re-Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Global Event has brought together more than 30 international sustainability professionals in the textile and fashion sector.

For Girbau LAB it has been an opportunity to expose how the industrial sector has a key challenge in integrating sustainability and circularity into its processes and solutions through innovative and disruptive concepts.