12 Jun 2024

ADI Awards 2024: Industrial Design and Design Culture

From May 31 to August 25, the exhibition “ADI Awards 2024: Industrial Design and Design Culture” can be visited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona. This grand showcase presents some of the best products designed and marketed in the last two years, both nationally and internationally. Organized by ADI-FAD (Association of Industrial Design for the Promotion of Arts and Design), the exhibition displays 164 products and projects selected from those submitted to the ADI Awards.

The ADI Awards recognize excellence in three different areas of design: the Delta Awards, aimed at professionals and industrial design companies; the ADI Medals, directed at students; and the ADI Culture Awards, which value projects that promote design culture. In this new edition, marked by high participation, a group of experts from various fields of design, communication, teaching, and design theory evaluated the 350 submitted products and projects, selecting the 164 on display in the exhibition.


Among the objects selected in this 42nd edition of the Delta Awards is the Genius by Girbau, noted for its excellence in articulating an innovative and functional object.


The exhibition is essential for understanding industrial design in our country, as it includes a wide range of products marketed in diverse fields such as food design, digital devices, body design, accessories and tools, exterior and interior equipment, lighting, materials and construction elements, mobility, and packaging.

One of the most notable aspects of the showcase is the evident connection between design and industry in the selected products, including some of the projects presented by students. Companies clearly bet on sustainability and technological innovations, without forgetting the form, which integrates the function that every object must fulfill.

The awards ceremony will take place on June 13th, 2024, at the Disseny Hub Barcelona.


The exhibition is a fantastic portrait of the state of design in our country, showcasing a selection of 164 objects where design draws new connections with users and helps improve their daily lives.


This year, the product exhibition is contextualized with a series of key concepts to understand how design enables us to relate to the world through accessible objects that explain our relationship with the environment and human conventions. The boundaries between the designed object and the artistic object are not always clear. While the designed object easily allows for analogies, the artistic object constructs metaphors that connect us with the direct experience of the world.

Genius by Girbau

© Gisela Jané


Cover photo: © Anna Mas (@annamas_photo)