Orain: a platform that combines Chatbot and a mobile payment system.

Orain’s opportunity came up from the Indtech Challenge program, the initiative promoted by Girbau and Seidor that aimed to build collaborative partnerships with startups, in order to obtain solutions that digitally transform the laundry industry.

Girbau LAB started a collaboration with Orain with the aim to bet on solutions based on technologies such the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and data analytics, robotics, or cloud computing.

New solutions for the Laundromat

Orain combines all these technologies thanks to its B2C platform, which integrates a Chatbot that facilitates machine-man communication and a digital payment platform. Its easy, dynamic and intuitive user interface manages to create a highly user-friendly machine.

The Orain platform integrates an AI operated Chatbot that allows communication between people and machines, and a digital payment platform.

Derived from the need to use mobile payment technologies detected in the laundromat segment, and from the novelty of being able to provide online services to laundromat users, and considering also the ORAIN penetration in the vending market, complementary to self-services, Girbau decided to start a pilot and collaboration project with the startup.

That’s how the Orain project was born

The first stage of the project consisted of an analysis of technical compatibility, carried out by the software engineers of Girbau’s R+D Department. This analysis resulted in a phased technological integration report and the adaptation of some Hardware elements for their correct installation.

The second stage was the deployment of a pilot plan within a controlled environment, in which Girbau appreciated that the value proposition made by Orain regarding the service price was attractive to Girbau laundromat customers.

The controlled deployment began when a number of Girbau salespersons were trained on the solution, so that they could start informing their most trusted customers. Specific promotional materials and an image were developed to reference the joint initiative between Girbau LAB and ORAIN.

During the follow-up of that second stage, and thanks to the return of the customers, the value proposition and the service price are gradually adjusted. The goal is to end up having a proposal that perfectly suits the owner of a laundromat service. Even though the implementation of a system that is both so new and technological as Orain can be slow, the market trend shows that it is going in this direction.

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